Fight, quest, farm, build. Wartune is an epic turn-based strategy game. Featuring RPG elements and game-play scenarios from some of your favorite game genres, including competitive battlegrounds, boss battles and farming! The time of the Gods has ended. For a time, there was peace. But the void has opened and evil has been released back into the world. Violent beasts swarm forth. The people pray for help; is anyone listening? Valiant warriors hear the call and lead your people to victory. In the shadow of death, a hero rises. Play Wartune and be that hero today!
  • A free-to-play strategy RPG
  • Choose your class
  • Enter single- or multi-player dungeons
  • Fight in the PvP arenas and competitive battlegrounds
  • Experience epic boss battles
  • And... farm your land

Additional Details

Company R2Games
Release Date April 23, 2015

System Requirements

Internet Connection Required
Flash Version 11.0
Online Multiplayer Strategy Role-Playing Fantasy


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