You're the next contestant on The Price is Right™! Come on down to Contestants Row to test your shopping saavy. Play all of your favorite pricing mini-games, including Plinko, Cliff Hangers, and Punch-A-Bunch. Spin the big wheel for the chance to win fabulous prizes and a huge pay-off at the Showdown! You can bid brilliantly and avoid strikes to rack up winnings as a single player, or play Party Mode to compete against family and friends. Plus, who can resist that famous theme song?

Informations détaillées

Entreprise Ludia
Taille 112Mo, environ 1 minute en haut débit
Langues disponibles English
Date de sortie mars 27, 2008

Configuration système requise

Système d'exploitation Windows XP or Vista
Processeur Pentium 3 - 1GHz or better
RAM carte graphique 32MB
Version de DirectX 8.0 or above
Téléchargements PC Arcade Rental Adaptation TV/film/livre


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