Discover the game where dice is no nice! It's 4 games in 1:'Pipsoh Original' is based on the original game of "Yacht". The 2nd game 'Pipsoh Grouper' requires players to use many strategies including time management. 'Pipsoh Dice Drop' is a falling brick game but with dice, bombs, and twists! Take your time to calculate which dice are best to clear in 'Pipsoh Links'! No matter your style, just roll the dice and choose your game!

Additional Details

Company Splashworks
Size 8MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date December 17, 2005

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP or Vista
Keyboard and Mouse Supported
Processor Pentium 2 - 300MHz or better
DirectX Version 5.0 or above
PC Download Puzzle Strategy Rental Unlimited Play with wild


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